Crowns & Bridges

Cosmetic dentistry involves a number of procedures and special restorations in order to beautify your smile. Two commonly done restorations for patients are crowns and bridges.Crowns and bridges are often made of porcelain or porcelain-fused to metal due to the strength and durability that metal will provide. These restorations are custom-fabricated for each patient, and are bonded over natural teeth in order to stay in place. They can last several years when properly cared for, and can address dental problems and concerns that may make you feel self-conscious or unsure about the appearance of your smile.Crowns are created for patients that have teeth that require protection. Perhaps a tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken and needs protection from further damage and even extraction. A crown can be bonded over the top to protect the tooth, while still appearing natural. Teeth that have undergone root canals will also require crowns, as root canals can leave the natural tooth dry, brittle, and more susceptible to damage.Bridges are used in order to fill in gaps from missing teeth. They attach to the adjacent teeth in order to offer support, and are essentially an artificial tooth fabricated between two crowns. These crowns are then bonded to the teeth on each side of the space, which helps hold up the replacement tooth in the middle. Bridges are utilized as an alternative to dental implants and partial dentures.

At Shannon Family Dental, crowns and bridges are two restorations that are commonly done within the practice. With years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, you can rest assured you are working with the best!

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