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What Are The Obstacles Keeping You From Achieving High Level Dental Health?

At Shannon family dentistry we are a health centered, relationship based dental practice. We invite you to visit our dentist office where you will receive gentle, compassionate care from Dr. Shannon and his staff. Our experienced dental team takes great pride in providing quality care and our staff backs our dedication to excellence with modern technologies and a strong commitment to extensive continuing education in today’s dental techniques. We want to be your dental team for a lifetime. Not only can we create the gorgeous, healthy smile you’ve always wanted, we can maintain it for years to come.

Stephen P. Shannon, DDS

Dentistry is not just my profession it is also a passion for me.   I love what I do and really enjoy the process of improving a person’s oral health and self-confidence.  Being a part of the whole process is truly fulfilling.  It’s amazing what tiny changes we can make to create a huge difference in someone’s life.

Many of my patients come in with a fear of the dentist.  I always empathize with them and let them know that we will do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable.   We use medication to take to edge off as well as good ole fashion bedside manner.  I have found that when a person understands how important teeth are to their overall health, and then a motivation factor is there to maintain excellent oral health.  By the end of treatment, patients have transformed not only there smiles, but also their confidence.

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